We all know the changes that pregnancy can have on our bodies; but what about our hair?? Luckily, two of our top stylists are pregnant at the same time- so we sat down with them and asked a few questions!

What are your thoughts on hair color during pregnancy?

“It has not affected any of the color. And for me, it helps you feel prettier because sometimes you don’t feel pretty during that time. For me it was not a big deal because i was not sensitive to the smell.”– Clare

“I continued coloring my hair.  It was something that made me feel good and I knew it wouldn’t harm the baby.  Everyone has their own opinions on it though so if my pregnant clients don’t feel comfortable coloring their hair during their pregnancy I support them!”– Kaitlyn

How has your hair changed due to being pregnant?  Is it what you thought it would be?

“I envisioned it being luxurious and thick and full, but I guess I overestimated it!! Because while it does grow faster, it’s still not my dream hair.”– Clare

How has your second pregnancy been different in terms of your hair?

“Oh man this second pregnancy has been totally different in EVERY way!  When I had my first baby my hair was everything I had ever dreamed of.  Thick, shiny soft and healthy!  It grew so fast!  I never lost any hair during my pregnancy.  This pregnancy I feel as if my hair is very dull and not very thick   I also have a ton of hair that is just now growing back from loosing it after breastfeeding my first so it is in all sorts of a whack!!”– Kaitlyn

Is there a certain product that you have gained an appreciation for to help enhance your hair while you have been pregnant?

“Dryspun! I love it because you don’t have to wash your hair as often, & it gives you nice second-day hair.” -Clare

After your first baby, when did you start to lose your hair?

“I had a phase of hair loss when my baby was 5 months old and then again after breastfeeding.  I never noticed areas where it had fallen out but now that it is growing back I am surprised I didn’t notice it when it was gone!  When I wear my hair in a pony tale I look as if I have a “bob” with all the short pieces around my hairline that fall out of the pony!  Looks ridiculous!” -Kaitlyn

If you can give one piece of advice to expecting Moms about their beauty during pregnancy what would it be?

“Embrace your body’s changes during the whole time! Don’t be so hard on yourself, even as you’re growing you’re still beautiful! For me, it has gone by so fast!!!” -Clare