1. Preteen Facials at Balayage

    Summer is over and it is time to head back to school! If you’ve got a preteen in your home, chances are they are concerned with putting their best foot..and face forward. We all know, teen skin can be unpredictable! But, with our Preteen Q&A Facial, your preteen will learn everything they need…Read More

  2. MD Formulations Trial… Update!

    Wow!! So it has been about a month since I began using MD Formulations' Facial Cleanser.... Can I just say- AMAZING?? The results I have noticed are extraordinary!!! Not only have I seen a DRAMATIC reduction in terms of blemishes and even some of the old acne scars....but I have gotten a lot of posi…Read More

  3. Gold & Blue: Makeup How To!

    Our newest obsession?? Color combined eye makeup!! While neutral colors are great and all, adding a splash of color to your eye makeup can take you from drab to fab! The best part about this color combo is that it incorporates summer with the blue tones and fall with the gold. Which is perfect for t…Read More