Summer is over and it is time to head back to school! If you’ve got a preteen in your home, chances are they are concerned with putting their best foot..and face forward. We all know, teen skin can be unpredictable! But, with our Preteen Q&A Facial, your preteen will learn everything they need to know about at home skin care for a lifetime of radiant skin.

So, what is a “Preteen Q&A Facial?” This facial is educational for preteens who are experiencing changes in their skin and are needing guidance on how to take care of their skin. Many of the teens we work with have a skincare routine, but it is often too harsh and inconsistent. Part of our job is to guide your teen though the facial process. During each step of the facial we will educate your teen on appropriate products, and the why & how to use them. We will let give them a skincare routine they can use at-home. We will go over any and all questions the preteen may have on their skin and guide them on an at-home routine they will actually want to do.

Our Preteen Facial includes:

  • Mini facial
  • 30-day product kit
  • “How To” on the products

The Preteen Facial is the perfect back to school gift for any kid who wants to feel their best and most confident self. After one session, your teen with be equipped with the knowledge to take care of their skin and reduce unwanted blemishes at home. Call us today and schedule an appointment.

Client Testimonial:

“Going to Breckan for a preteen facial and consultation was a game changer for my teenage daughter. For the last couple years, I have spent hundreds of dollars on skin care products to help with her acne. Some products were so harsh that they bleached our bath towels and even her pillow case!  Knowing the products we were trying were not only not working, but likely harming her skin, I decided to make an appointment with Breckan. I wanted her to really learn how to take care of her skin and hopefully reduce her acne and redness in the process. Both my daughter and I are extremely pleased with what Breckan has accomplished in less than four months and for hundreds of dollars cheaper! The physical results speak for themselves, but more importantly, Breckan has given my daughter back her self-esteem and confidence. Thank you, Breckan!”