Wow!! So it has been about a month since I began using MD Formulations’ Facial Cleanser…. Can I just say- AMAZING?? The results I have noticed are extraordinary!!! Not only have I seen a DRAMATIC reduction in terms of blemishes and even some of the old acne scars….but I have gotten a lot of positive feedback on how my face appears more moisturized and glowing!!! Wooo-hooo! I would say one of the best investments I have made!! My favorite part about this product is the fact that it is so different from all the other skin care regimines I have tried… With Proactiv I noticed I HAD to wash my face at least twice a day or I would breakout, but with MD if I forget to use my cleanser in the morning it is not broken out- nor is my progress down the drain!!

So, here is my face, NO MAKEUP!!! 🙂