Our newest obsession?? Color combined eye makeup!!

While neutral colors are great and all, adding a splash of color to your eye makeup can take you from drab to fab! The best part about this color combo is that it incorporates summer with the blue tones and fall with the gold. Which is perfect for this month as we are in between the seasons!
1.To get this glam look you will start by covering half your lid with a gold eyeshadow. Mac and Two-Faced make great gold shades, and both can be found at Sephora!
2.Cover the second half of your lid with a dark gray or brown, this look was achieved with a smokey gray.
3. Using a thin makeup brush, cover your top lid with liquid eyeliner. Using a thicker eyeliner brush, bring end out to a cat-eyed shape.
4. Cover the bottom with a light blue powder or gel. We used gel to get this but if you prefer powder that will work too! It lasts longer if you add a few dabs of water and make it a liquid consistency!
5. Use pencil eyeliner to line your bottom lid.
6. Shimmer! Add light white/creme colored shimmer to your corners and just below your eyebrow.
7. Finish with eyelash curler and mascara.

Ta Da! Beauty is yours!