What is the deal with Glycolic Acid??

Recently I have been noticing this strange ingredient in all the newest facial and skin products. I don’t believe in putting anything on or in your body until you know what it is and the effects- both positive and negative.

So… What is glycolic acid?

Glycolic acid is one of a group of acids known as alpha hydroxyl acids (AHA). It is found naturally in sugar cane and grapes and is commonly used in skin care treatments including acne treatment, exfoliation, and chemical peels.

Through my research I narrowed my results to these top 4 benefits:

*Dust Dissolution- Glycolic acid has the tendency to dissolve the dirt and dust particles present on the skin. These dust particles if not removed can clog the skin pores causing irritation and various skin diseases.

[Sweat pores may also get blocked by these nano sized dust particles. You need to use a product to remove these particles from the skin, especially from your face as it is quite sensitive to these external agents.]

*Natural Skin Exfoliation- Another great benefit of using products containing glycolic acid is that it increases the pace of natural exfoliation of the skin. In this way, the rough part of your skin gets replaced by the new fresher layer  giving you a younger look.

[After using you can expect to see your face with a natural glow]

*Skin Texture- Skin texture is tremendously improved by its direct contact with glycolic acid. The skin texture changes so that no external particles get trapped inside the skin blocking the skin pores.

*Acne Treatment- The acid helps to smooth out uneven facial tone and can reduce the appearance of acne scars and blemishes when used over time. Not to mention, glycolic acid helps to treat current acne.

Ok! After all this research and before and after pictures of people who used glycolic acid in their skincare regimen, I knew I had to try it for myself!

Finding the perfect product for your skin can be hard, especially with so many brands and products to chose from! However, our salon recently started carrying MD Formulations as my boss SWEARS by it. Alas, I have decided to try it for myself! The product I have chosen is the Facial Cleanser (with glycolic acid). The product states that it is ideal for normal/combination skin and it has been a best selling product for the past three years!

Before beginning this new skincare journey I am going to start fresh- by getting a facial! The facial I have chosen is the Signature Balayage Facial which includes cleansing, exfoliation, extraction, steam, and a masque.

Now the ultimate test will be to see what changes my face will undergo while using the new Facial Cleanser by MD Formulations!

Stay Tuned! 🙂