You’ve probably heard that we’ve made a pretty major change in the salon. Balayage has moved from being exclusively Bumble & Bumble to showcasing exclusively Oribe products! It’s bittersweet but Oribe has amazing products and great continued education accessible to all of our stylists. To help introduce you to this new brand, we’re giving you the inside scoop on what we use to provide you with the perfect Balayage Blowout. Check it out!


This is as glamorous as it sounds. The combination of the shampoo & conditioner reawakens hair that has been damaged or is dull from the natural elements. Especially living in a dry, often windy climate like Colorado, we all know what that can feel like. These Oribe products have Argan Oil & Maracuja Oil to help restore your hair’s natural moisture, repair damage and add shine.


Supershine is a modern take on leave-in conditioner. The “Light” version is ideal for shorter, fine hair and “Medium” is great for thick hair. This hair moisturizer is a high gloss that calms split ends and elevates shine. Because it is technically a leave-in conditioner, Supershine also doubles as a heat protectant. The stylists at Balayage recommend using this product mid-shaft to ends for a lightweight, sleek look.


If you avoid blowing out your hair because it’s too long, you NEED to try the Royal Blowout. This amazing product cuts the blow-dry time in HALF for long, thick hair! This combination not only adds great shine to your hair but also swells the hair shaft for natural, soft volume. Royal Blowout and Volumista are a match made in heaven – they work so well together and really are the ingredients for the perfect blowout.


This is our best seller and has been nearly impossible to keep on our shelves! For all of you Bumble Dryspun lovers, this is an easy transition. The Dry Texturizing Spray comes in a bigger bottle than Dryspon but does the same, plus more! This spray provides incredible volume, absorbs oil at the roots for a powdery residue and is a great alternative to dry shampoo.


At Balayage, we love to finish our blow drys with this spray. It has a light texture and light hold but seals every blow-dry from humidity. When you leave the salon, you’ll know you’re protected from frizz and have gorgeous shine going on.

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